Background Checks

How well do you know the person or people or business houses you employed or about to employ or about to enter into business agreement ? It is well said in today’s environment that ‘Do not trust even your shadow in business’. It is always better to know about them and get regular updates wherewhere you have doubts.

Background checks assist you get the information you need to make a decision you are rely upon. We perform a comprehensive executive level, pre-employment, personal and business background investigations for the subject(s) you need to know more about, based on physical investigation, market research and confidential reliable sources.

Our expertise includes investigations of potential and current key level executives in multinational corporations as well as key personnel, partners and principals involved in a merger, acquisition or take over companies.

The background checks also includes educational certificate verification, document examination, criminal checks from respective Police Departments.

Employee Backgroud Checks (Pre & Post)

Employee background is one of the complex decision in today’s environment. A wrong decision may lead to any direction to the organization. Employees are also directly attached to the reputation of the company. In corporates, the employees are not being saked but being asked to resign and leave. Their such action, encourage the fraudulent employees to continue their wrong practices in their newer organization. They just change either their city or change business line to hide from their previous mis-conducts. There are various ways a bad employee bring harm to an organization like making secret money, taking commission from suppliers, forgery, embezzlement to fund and fund misappropriation. Distinguishing such an employee among all employees become a real task for any corporate investigation company. We take such challenges and provide the authentic reports to our clients.

Post Employee Background Verification help you in knowing the current position of your ex-employee after they left your organization. It is to see that either he has not joined some competitor organization or established his own competitive businesses. Pilferages and data theft by ex-employees are also serious issues, should be taken with very strictly for the sake of your own business and reputation.

Business Background Checks

We come across various business proposals through newspapers, internet, mobile messages, friends, relatives or even other business groups. Take over, merger and acquisition are also very now and there these days. The majority of information through words, newspapers, internet, mobile messages tends to be inaccurate, meaningless, out dated and irrelevant.

We are sure you do not wanna invest your hard earned money or partnership based on incomplete or unreliable data. We conduct for you background investigation on someone or a company so that you remain safe and tension free.

Business disputes are nothing new to India. Every business houses faces one or another, small or big disputes. Business disputes can strike a venture over any issue, but monetary concerns remain the foremost of them. Mergers and acquisitions involving billions of dollars interestingly entered into without background investigation. A background checks on principals and asset can save your hard earned money from waste. It is highly recommended to get the Background Investigation before you leap into any venture.

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