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We are a boutique IP and commercial para legal firm in India. We handle trademark, copyright, patent, design, domain name prosecution and enforcement as well as franchising, licensing, due diligence and verification matters. (IP) Rights Crime is a global problem of enormous scale, impacting virtually each and every industry sector around the world. IP Crime are increasing day by day and need a timely action from corporate and government side.

Brand Protection is a highly specialized subject, involving sensitivity, caution and meticulous care. We fully recongnize that we dealing with sensitive issues while protecting your business interest and market reputation.

Why let fraudsters copy your ideas, make illegal use of your trade mark and make illegal money out of it. We understand each case as a unique and require special attention. We are specialized in handling and having proven track record of handling IPR infringement cases.

We have a nice track record and experience of unearthing such type of cases and assisting corporates in taking legal action against the wrong doers. We not only help you in legal action against wrong doers but also assist you in making a complete Brand Protection strategy for your product and services. We have received lots of appreciation from our corporates clients for break through achievements and professional services.

We happily offer corporate and individuals complete protection at affordable cost. We are having a strong pan India network of Investigators, legal professionals and individuals who are specialized and having vast experience to identify, protect your brand, trademark or product from existing and future infringement that may arise in any part of country.

RECLAIM YOUR INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY - Many of corporates have suffered financial, brand losses into the millions, until we efficiently resolved their infringement issues.

The intellectual property team will help you reclaim your intellectual property and reputation at large. We are a team of knowledgeable and experienced professional in this field for years.

FREE CONSULTATION – We can provide you with a brief free consultation on Brand Protection issues/services. You can contact us or mail us for a meeting accordingly.

Trade Mark Infringement & Counterfeit Products

You have registered your trademark. Your brand is officialy yours. But what happens if it is infringed by some competitors or wrong doers. We assist you to deal with such trademark infringement. Once you have registered your trademark, it is vitually important that other companies do not dilute your rights under your registration. Effective trademark management help you to know what your competitors are doing and if your brands are being infringed or under threat.

Trade Mark Infringement and counterfeit products is a real headache for market, people and government. Often, they are being made at the remote areas and supplied all over the country. It is a nexus of products manufacturer, wholesaler and retailers. It result into not only financial loss to a corporate but also brand loss and faith loss. We have team of experts of crack such cases.

We are committed to protecting our clients valuable intellectual property assets. We work with corporates of all sizes to safeguard their trademark, proactively monitor potential threats to their trademarks. If we come across existing or potential threat, we counsel our clients regarding possible protective or legal action. Our team of experts assist you to enforce your trademarks, unfair trade practices all over India.

Copy Right And Other Proprietary Assets

Copy right, patents and other proprietary assets are what propel your business to be the industry leader, it currently is or set to become. But it is difficult to protect without the help of professional organization. They can be misused by competitors or other mal-intention people to make illegal money from it.

Copyright infringement occurs when someone other than the copyright holder copies the ‘expression’ of a work. This means that the original idea or information behind the work is not protected, but how the idea is expressed is protection. Copyright infringement can occur even if someone does not copy a work exectly. The most common example are music, arts, book piracy, movie piracy etc.

An owner of a copyright owns a ‘bundle’ of rights. These rights can be sold or assigned separately. These rights may be ‘The Right to Reproduce the Work’, ‘The Right to Distribution’, ‘The Right to Derivative Works’, ‘The Right to Public Display’, ‘The Right to Public Performance Right’ etc.

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