The company was incorporated in 2007 with the object to provide legal advisory and complete corporate investigation services. It operates as a Trouble Shooter and delivers exactly what you require and that too within the prescribed period. The areas of corporate investigation where we are known to excel are IPR investigation, copyright infringement, trade mark investigation & enforcement, corporate investigation, risk control, fraud control, insurance claim investigation, employee background verification, due diligence, document examination, asset recovery, white collar crime, cyber crime, forensic evidences, scientific evidence, skip tracing etc. We are one of its kind corporate investigation services company in Delhi having pan-India presence. We are having an authentic network of Investigators and Advisors. We assist our esteemed corporate clients in taking right decisions which in result help them to maximum growth and profits. Therefore, more and more corporate decision makers are increasingly turning towards professional corporate investigation companies to base their strategic decisions on rational reasoning and actual facts and not on belief or hearsay.

To keep pace with the present times and fierce competition, we help our clients to excel in their respective fields with our professional services.

Our clients consists of well known national and international corporate houses, attorneys, law firms, banks, financial institutions, insurance and high net worth individuals.

Litigation Support

The litigation is not only the matter of fight in court of law. Every litigation need solid evidences and final verdict to most extent depend on the evidences before the court of law.

Brand Protection Services

We are a boutique IP and commercial para legal firm in India. We handle trademark, copyright, patent, design, domain name prosecution and enforcement

Background Checks

How well do you know the person or people or business houses you employed or about to employ or about to enter into business agreement ? It is well said in today’s

Risk Management Services

The company initially started way back with banking and financial sector due diligence activities. It always remain our prime activity, even after growing

Asset Search And Skip Tracing

The people skip because of various reasons. Some people skip after making financial frauds, some skip from the notion of punishment for some wrong and some

Forensic Document Examination

The term "forensic" means simply, "having to do with the law." Document Examination, as an established field of scientific study, came into being early in this

Cyber Crime & Reputation

It is the age of technology and internet. Our lives being affected by cyber world. Everything available on cyber , way it product, way it services or way it even reputation.

Insurance Claim Management

The statistics reveal that Insurance companies fraud cause major set back to the Insurer, causing loss to Insurer, forcing businesses to lose money and making it more

Our Clients