Litigation Support

The litigation is not only the matter of fight in court of law. Every litigation need solid evidences and final verdict to most extent depend on the evidences before the court of law. Mostly people are not aware about this and loose their rights and cases easily. It is always advisable to take help of experienced legal advisory firms like us before the case or during the case or during the preparation process for appeal before its too late.

In some cases, there may be chances that you entangled in a false litigation and dot not know how to come out of it, then we are there to help you. We on your behalf, will do deep investigation into it, collect the necessary and scientific evidences and assist you to prove clean.

Workmen Compensation Verfication

The situation of labour disputes and cases is very serious in India. The cases evolve years of long waiting and huge money. Such type of cases already are a stigma for any corporate and cheating by labor during the cased under trial is again a set back for them. We do not compromise with the corporate reputation and provide factual corporate investigation services in Workmen and Workmen Compensation cases.

Expert Civil And Criminal Investigation

Presenting a strong case involves the gathering and substantiating of scientific facts that supports your case in the court of law. The finest law firms and individual lawyers have depended upon our litigation support for a variety of clients including small, medium and large corporates, multinational companies and high networth individuals. We have got opportunity to work with some of the finest lawyers, law firms and are continuously involved in a number of extraordinary and epic cases. We help the brightest mind to solve the complicated problems by means of following services

Professinal Insurnce And Financial Fraud Investigation

Professional Insurance Claims management and investigation in financial fraud matters are among the mainstream business of the company. We are devoted to you as a Legal Adviser advancing our clients’ best interests in Insurance and Financial matters.
We assist and help various well known Insurance and Banking sector companies in Government, Semi-government, Multi-national and private sector to process their insurance claims, banking files and investigate financial frauds on pan- India basis.

Evidence Collection

You may have noticed, that you know the facts but not able to prove it. You may be doing it either for your personal satisfaction or for proving yourself in a court of law. We are expert in it. There are lot of scientific methods of collection factual evidences. The process involves understanding the matter, planning the process and collecting the relevant evidences.

Personal Assets & Net Worth

It is basically called for by the Banks, Insurance Companies, Financial Institutions and Asset Reconstruction Companies to put forward their claims in the court of law. The case has to be proved with the relevant evidences only. We are on the panel of number of Banks, Insurance Companies, NBFCs to provide this service.

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