Risk Management Services

The company initially started way back with banking and financial sector due diligence activities. It always remain our prime activity, even after growing into spectrum of activities during eight years long time period. If you are into a loan business, providing loans to corporate, MSE or individual, you need our services.

Creadit Worthiness & Due Diligence

We provide Credit Worthiness & Due Diligence services to Banks, Finance Companies, NBFCs, Financial Insititutions, private financers which includes KYC verification, all type documents examination, property documentation verification, builder checks, vendor checks, Contact Point Verification, Field Investigation, Discreet Checks, Mystery Shopping etc. These activities being conducted under decided Turn Around Time (TAT) too alongwith applicant’s house or office photographs.

Due Diligence would ensure that you are making the right moves and also sense of being secured.

Our Clients